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  1. Nadin Kokciyan PhD Thesis Defense: Privacy Management in Online Social Networks
    • Start time: 10:00am, Tuesday, May 23rd
    • End time: 12:00pm, Tuesday, May 23rd
    • Where: AVS
    • PhD Thesis Defense

      Privacy Management in Online Social Networks
      Nadin Kokciyan

      Date and Place: May 23rd, Tuesday 10:00 AVS

      All interested are cordially invited.


      People are willing to share their personal information in social
      networks. The users are allowed to create and share content about
      themselves and others. When multiple entities start distributing
      content without a control, information can reach unintended individuals
      and inference can reveal more information about the user. This thesis
      first categorizes the privacy violations that take place in online
      social networks. Our proposed approach is based on agent-based
      representation of a social network, where the agents manage users'
      privacy requirements by creating commitments with the system. The
      privacy context, including the relations among users or content types
      are captured using description logic. We propose a sound and complete
      algorithm to detect privacy violations on varying depths of social
      networks. We implement the proposed model and evaluate our approach
      using real-life social networks.

      A content that is shared by one user can very well violate the privacy
      of other users. To remedy this, ideally, all the users that are related
      to a content should get a say in how the content should be shared. To
      enable this, we model users of the social networks as agents that
      represent their users' privacy constraints as semantic rules. In one
      line, we propose a reciprocity-based negotiation for reaching privacy
      agreements among users and introduce a negotiation architecture that
      combines semantic privacy rules with utility functions. In a second
      line, we propose a privacy framework where agents use Assumption-based
      Argumentation to discuss with each other on propositions that enable
      their privacy rules by generating facts and assumptions from their

      Thesis Committee:
      Pinar Yolum
      Arzucan Ozgur
      Gonenc Yucel (IE)
      Yucel Saygin (Sabanci University)
      Sule Gunduz Ogutucu (ITU)

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  2. Orhan Ermis PhD. Thesis Defense: Formal Modeling and Analysis of Group Key Agreement Protocols
    • Start time: 04:00pm, Tuesday, May 23rd
    • End time: 06:00pm, Tuesday, May 23rd
    • Where: BM A2
    • PhD. Thesis Defense

      Formal Modeling and Analysis of Group Key Agreement Protocols
      Orhan Ermis

      All interested are cordially invited.

      Date and Time: May 23rd Tuesday,16:00
      Place: BM A2
      Thesis Advisor: Mehmet Ufuk Caglayan

      Abstract: The essence of dynamic group key agreement protocols is to help computing a secure key for a group communication with a dynamic set of participants in distributed systems. Dynamic group key agreement protocols are expected to be used in applications such as conference communications, file sharing systems and mobile ad hoc networks. In dynamic group key agreement protocols, the number of participants may change in a time-varying manner because of participants are joining or leaving a group. The security of such operations is affected by the existence of backward confidentiality and forward confidentiality, respectively. There are a number of problems related to the use of existing dynamic group key agreement protocols: (i) inefficient fault detection in conference communications, (ii) lack of privacy, violation of availability, inefficient participant revocation, dependency for key escrow in file sharing systems and (iii) insecure cluster head selection in mobile ad hoc networks. In this thesis, first, we introduce an improved Dynamic Conference Key Agreement Protocol with dynamic group capabilities to provide better performance in fault detection and correction. Then, we show the application of the proposed protocol on Three-Tier Secure File Sharing System with efficient participant revocation. Second, we propose another Key Agreement Protocol with Partial Backward Confidentiality. The partial backward confidentiality property is a novel security property that allows a new participant to compute the last valid group key just before joining the group. In relation to this protocol, we propose a Private File Sharing System. Third, we propose a Group Key Agreement Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks. In this protocol, we introduce the new concept of secure cluster head selection. Finally, we propose a security decision framework for multi-protocol communications called Secure Multi-Protocol Group Communication Framework with its proof of concept case study for post disaster management.

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  1. Yigit Kultur PhD. Thesis Defense Novel Models for Credit Card Fraud Detection
    • Start time: 11:00am, Wednesday, May 24th
    • End time: 01:00pm, Wednesday, May 24th
    • Where: BM A2
    • PhD. Thesis Defense

      Yigit Kultur

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  2. An Introduction to Semantic Web Technologies and its Applications
    • Start time: 02:00pm, Wednesday, May 24th
    • End time: 04:00pm, Wednesday, May 24th
    • Where: AVS
    • An Introduction to
      Semantic Web Technologies and its Applications
      Prof. Dr. Maria del Mar Roldan Garcia
      Department of Computer Languages and Computing Sciences
      University of Malaga
      Date: 24.5.2017 Time: 14:00 Place: AVS

      An Introduction to
      Semantic Web Technologies and its Applications
      Prof. Dr. Maria del Mar Rold ́an Garc ́ıa
      Department of Computer Languages and Computing Sciences
      University of Malaga
      Date: 24.5.2017 Time: 14:00 Place: AVS
      The content of conventional web sites is human-readable only, which makes
      it unsuitable for automatic processing and inefficient when searching for related
      information. Web datasets can be considered as isolated data silos that are
      not linked to each other. This limitation can be addressed by organizing and
      publishing data, using powerful formats that add structure and meaning to the
      content of web pages and link related data. Computers can “understand” such
      data better, which can be useful for task automation.
      This talk will introduce the concept of the Semantic Web as an extension of
      the current web, where information has an explicit and formal meaning, provid-
      ing machine-readable data. Data in the Semantic Web are formally described
      with ontologies, are published in a common format, linked to other data and
      queried with a standard query language. This allows the development of ad-
      vanced and intelligent web applications based on background knowledge and
      After attending - you will know:
      • How Semantic Web technology differs from existing data-sharing technolo-
      gies, such as relational databases and the current state of the World Wide
      • How Semantic Web technology fits in to the past, present, and future
      evolution of the Internet.
      • The three primary international standards that help define the Semantic
      Web: RDF, SPARQL and OWL
      About the speaker:
      Prof. Dr. Maria del Mar Rold ́an Garc ́ıa holds the PhD degree in Com-
      puter Science (2012). Currently, she is Assistant Professor at the University of
      Malaga since 2005, and has been involved in a number of national and inter-
      national research projects as participant researcher. Her main research interest
      are Semantic Web technologies and applications, ontology development, scalable
      semantic reasoning and smart data. She is also interested in the development
      of biomedical (semantic) applications. She has participated in many confer-
      ences and most of his work has been published in international journals and
      conferences, with more than 40 published papers.

      Contact person: Suzan Uskudarli

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