Satellite Networks Research Laboratory (SATLAB)



Research Interests: 


Internet over satellite (IPoS)
Voice over IP over satellite (VoIPoS)
Digital audio broadcasting (DAB)
MPEG2-coded three-dimensional television (3DTV)
Satellite and HAP based energy generation and transmission (Solar Power Satellite/HAP - SPSH)

Communication aspects

Design of an integrated satellite network architecture
Satellite-Terrestrial Networks Integration
Dynamic spectrum access
Cognitive radio networks
Transport protocols over satellite networks
Satellite beam scheduling
On-board signal regeneration
Adaptive modulation techniques
Error control and concealment
Multiple access
Traffic flow control and modelling
Resource planning and management
Quality of service

Theoretical issues

Development of a satellite network with a new methodology of systems engineering
Definition of performance-cost tradeoff criteria for the satisfaction of QoS requirements
Disaster recovery of a system

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