Complementary Courses

Complementary Courses

Cognitive Science Program (COGS)
COGS 500 Introduction to Cognitive Science
Department of Civil Engineering (CE)
CE 245 Mechanics
CE 371 Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering
CE 381 Computer Aided Design
ENGG 110 Engineering Graphics
Department of Electrical Engineering (EE)
EE 300 and all courses with code EE higher than 299 and lower than 600; except EE 301, 310, 311, 312, 411, 412, 444, 486, 588, the Java programming course. *Exception: EE 484 is counted in the AD group; please check AD group rules.
Department of Industrial Engineering (IE)
IE 300 and all courses with code IE higher than 299 and lower than 600, except IE 306,310,320,341,504.
Department of Mathematics (MATH)
MATH 291 and all courses with code MATH higher than 299 and lower than 600 except 310, 344 and 336
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (BIO)
BIO 101 Cellular and Molecular Biology I
BIO 121 Introduction to Cell Biology
BIO 152 Introduction to Modern Biology
BIO 252 Genetics
BIO 430 Neuroscience
BIO 48B Bionformatics for Biologists
Department of Philosophy (PHIL)
PHIL 105 Informal Logic
PHIL 131 Logic I
PHIL 132 Logic II
PHIL 331 Advanced Logic I
PHIL 522 Mathematical Logic
Department of Physics (PHYS)
PHYS 311, 312, 325, 411, 412, 497 and any Quantum Computation elective
PHYS 48B SEL. TOP.: Wavelets
PHYS 494 SP. TOP. : Applied Fourier Analysis
Department of Physics (STS)
STS 205 The Climate
Department of Psychology (PSY)
PSY 222 Learning
PSY 271 Introduction to Neuroscience: Brain & Behavior
PSY 326 Human Memory
PSY 327 Sensation and Perception
PSY 328 Psychology of Language
PSY 484 Selected Topics in Cognitive Psychology
Department of Western Languages and Literature (LING)
LING 101 Introduction to Language & Linguistics I
LING 102 Introduction to Language & Linguistics II
LING 111 Introduction to Language & Linguistics
LING 202 Morphology
LING 203 Syntax
LING 488 Special Topics in Linguistics
LING 48N Sp. Tp. Language and Cognition
LING 580 Topics in Linguistic Theory
Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BM)
BM 402 Engineering in Medicine
BM 519 Biosensors
BM 554 Modeling of Biological Systems
BM 586 Sp. Tp. Stud. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
BM 595 Selected Top.(Simulator Applications In Human Performance Assignment)
Linguistics Program (LING)
Department of Management (AD), Department of Economics (EC), Engineering (ENG)
* Students can take at most one of the following non-technical courses from AD, EC, or ENG as a complementary course.
AD 403 Managerial Economics
AD 407 Decision Processes
AD 432 Entrepreneurship
AD 440 Digital Marketing
AD 452 Information Systems Management
AD 462 Legal Aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) Management
AD 482 Special Topics in Information Systems
AD 574 Management Information and Control Systems
EC 203 Microeconomics I
EC 205 Macroeconomics I
EC 206 Microeconomics II
EE 484 Sp. Tp. Management for Engineers
ENG 493 Technology Entrepreneurship

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