Yavuz Köroğlu defended his Phd thesis: Using Machine Learning to Improve Automated Test Generation

Title: Using Machine Learning to Improve Automated Test Generation

Advisor: Prof. Alper Şen 

Underestimating the value of software testing had catastrophic results in recent history. Automated Test Generation (ATG) is an approach that aims to minimize the manual effort required for testing. This thesis aims to improve the effectiveness and performance of ATG approaches via Machine Learning (ML) based guidance, and focuses on Android Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing using Reinforcement Learning (RL), specifically. We propose four solutions, Q-learning Based Exploration (QBE), Test Case Mutation (TCM), Fully Automated Reinforcement LEArning Driven (FARLEAD), and FARLEAD2 test generators. QBE uses RL to crawl a set of applications and learns an action generation policy while exploring. Then, it uses this learned policy to either detect more unique crashes or cover more activities in new applications. TCM takes the tests QBE generates and replaces the well-behaving actions in those tests with bad-behaving ones to detect even more crashes. FARLEAD uses RL to learn how to verify a functional behavior that is given as a high-level test scenario in the form of a monitorable formal specification. FARLEAD learns by trial-and-error like QBE but it learns app-specific patterns instead of QBE's app-generic patterns. To the best of out knowledge, FARLEAD is the first engine fully automating the functional testing of GUI applications. Finally, FARLEAD2 improves FARLEAD with Generalized Experience Replay (GER) and human-readable Staged Test Scenario (STS) language.Experimental results show that, QBE outperforms state-of-the-art test generators in crash detection and coverage. Furthermore, executing QBE first and then switching to TCM detects even more unique crashes. FARLEAD and FARLEAD2 expand the scope of automated testing to verifying functional behavior. Overall, these test generators elevate automated GUI testing closer to replacing manual GUI testing.

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