CmpE 561 Natural Language Processing 2017 Spring


Course Schedule: 

WWW 345 BM A5 | BM A5 | BM A5


Course Program: 

Basic Text Processing
N-gram Language Models
Word Classes and Part-of-Speech Tagging
Hidden Markov Model and Maximum Entropy Models
Grammar Formalisms and Treebanks
Parsing with Context Free Grammars
Statistical Parsing and Probabilistic Context Free Grammars
Lexical Semantics and Word Sense Disambiguation
Semantic Role Labeling and Semantic Parsing
Information Extraction
Question Answering and Summarization
Sentiment Analysis
Paper presentations

Reference Books: 

Text Books:    

  • Speech and Language Processing, D.Jurafsky, J.H.Martin, 2nd Edition, Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2009.
  • (Supplementary) Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing, C.D.Manning, H.Schütze, MIT Press, 2002.

Reference Books:

  • Handbook of Natural Language Processing, N.Indurkhya, F.J.Damerau (eds), Chapman & Hall, 2010.
  • Natural Language Processing, E.Kumar, I K International Publishing House, 2011.
  • Natural Language Processing for Online Applications : Text Retrieval, Extraction and Categorization, P.Jackson, I. Moulinier, John Benjamins, 2007.
  • Natural Language Processing with Python, S.Bird, E.Klein, E.Loper, O’Reilly Media, 2009.
  • Natural Language Processing and Text Mining, A.Kao, S.R.Poteet (eds), Springer, 2007.


Midterm % 25
Application Project % 20
Research Project % 20
Final % 35


  • The midterm and final exams will be “closed books and notes”.
  • An application project will be assigned. In the scope of the project, a system related to an NLP task will be developed.
  • A research project about an NLP topic/paper will be prepared. A project report will be written and the project will be presented in the class.
  • You can follow the announcements via the course web site (
  • The textbook is available at the book store. You can consult the instructor for the reference books.
  • Please read the section “graduate courses” in the web page General Information for Students. This page explains the course policy, the grading system, and information about the assignments and projects.

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