Molecular Signal Source Localization for Underwater and Medical Applications

Molecular communication (MC) establishes organized behavior in both multi-cellular organisms and social collective action. In recent years, concurrent efforts have been made to design synthetic engineered MC systems in different scales, where the information is carried via molecules. Most of the existing research on MC is theoretical where the results are verified via simulations. IEEE determined MC as one of the communication technology trends in 2017 and has established a standardization group (IEEE 1906.1) to address the various challenges of MC in a methodological and inclusive manner. In addition to that, the future direction of MC research is to design and develop experimental testbeds, which will contribute to alternative and novel approaches for real life problems. 
Our goal in this project is to develop macro and meso scale testbeds for solving localization problems in an MC-inspired perspective, simulators for localization applications, and analytical models for the molecular signal propagation. Macro scale localization testbed will be a water channel for underwater localization applications such as underwater search & rescue and environmental monitoring. Meso scale localization testbed will be a mock circulatory network similar to human circulatory system for medical applications such as cancer cell localization, targeted drug delivery, and intra-body NEMS/MEMS coordination. In both testbeds, we will employ MC-inspired localization techniques, which rely on molecular signals in challenging environments. Designing and implementing MC-inspired localization in challenging environments has potential to pave the way for complex and driving MC applications. 

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H. Birkan Yılmaz


2020 to 2023

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