Imagining Other's Goals in Cognitive Robots (IMAGINE - COG++)

In this research project, we aim to design and implement an effective robotic system that can infer others' goals from their incomplete action executions, and that can help others achieving these goals. Our approach is inspired from helping behavior observed in infants; exploits robot's own sensorimotor control and affordance detection mechanisms in understanding demonstrators' actions and goals; and has similarities with human brain processing related to control and understanding of motor programs. Our system will follow a developmental progress similar to infants, whose performance in inferring goals of others' actions is closely linked to development of their own sensorimotor skills. At the end of this project, we plan to verify whether our developmental goal inference and helping strategy is effective or not through human-robot interface experiments using upper body Baxter robot in different tasks.



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Emre Uğur


2018 to 2019

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