Tool to determine microservice boundaries for software-defined vehicles

Tool to determine microservice boundaries for software-defined vehicles

This project aims to develop a tool that analyzes the functionality and dependencies of different software components in a vehicle and recommends the optimal boundaries for dividing the system into microservices that follow the publisher-subscriber pattern. The goal of this project is to improve the scalability, flexibility, and maintainability of software-defined vehicles by breaking down monolithic systems into smaller, modular, and independently deployable services that can communicate using the publisher-subscriber architecture. The tool will consider factors such as message communication patterns, data flow, and system requirements to make its recommendations, and will be tested on real-world vehicle systems (e.g. Autoware) to evaluate its effectiveness.

- Extraction of the computation graph from pub-sub networks, especially from Robot Operating System (ROS) networks
- Study and implementation of graph partitioning and clustering algorithms
- Comparison of different design requirements by the tool

Project Advisor: 

Doğan Ulus

Project Status: 

Project Year: 

  • Fall

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