CmpE 561 Natural Language Processing 2019 Fall


Course Schedule: 

TTT 678 BM A5 | BM A5 | BM A5


Course Program: 

There has been a striking growth in text data such as web pages, news articles, e-mail messages, social media data, and scientific publications in the recent years. Developing tools for processing and utilizing this huge amount of textual information is getting increasingly important. This course will cover techniques for processing and making sense of text data written in natural (human) language. We will examine the core tasks in natural language processing, including morphological analysis, language modeling, syntactic analysis, probabilistic parsing, and semantical interpretation. We will also explore how these techniques can be used in several applications.


Course Schedule (subject to change):


Regular Expressions

Basic Text Processing

Morphological Analysis

Finite State Transducers

N-gram Language Models


Naive Bayes Classification

Logistic Regression Classification

Lexical Semantics

Word Embeddings

Neural Language Models

Word Classes and Part-of-Speech Tagging

Hidden Markov Models

Sequence Processing with RNNs

Grammar Formalisms and Treebanks

Syntactic Parsing with CFGs

Statistical Parsing and Probabilistic CFGs

Shallow Semantic Parsing

Paper presentations


Speech and Language Processing, D.Jurafsky, J.H.Martin, 2nd & 3rd Editions, Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2009/2018.

Reference Books: 

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