Ongoing Theses

Advisor Title Type Assigned to Co-Advisor
A. C. Cem Say Quantum Counter Automata MS Sefika Yuzsever
A. C. Cem Say Automata With Reset PhD Nuri Tasdemir
Albert Ali Salah Affective Analysis Of In-Game Chat Behavior Of Turkish Gamers MS Eda Aydin
Albert Ali Salah Biometric Identification Based On Fusion Of Palm And Dorsal Hand Vein Patterns MS Ridvan Salih Kuzu
Albert Ali Salah Caricatured Face Recognition MS Tugce Ozkaptan
Albert Ali Salah Social Behaviour Analysis And Player Profiling For Quantifying Player Loyalty And Detecting Abusive Behaviour in Online Games PhD Koray Balci
Arda Yurdakul Flexible Router Design For Network-On-Chip Systems On Reconfigurable Devices MS Omer Cogal
Can Ozturan Analysis Of Molecular Interaction Maps PhD Evrim Itir Karac
Cem Ersoy Efficient Feature Extraction For Activity Recognition On Smart Phones MS Erman Dogan
Cem Ersoy Qos-Aware Routing For The Smart Grid Communication Networks MS Huseyin Temiz
Cem Ersoy Heterogeneous Green Networking PhD Aykut Yigitel
Cem Ersoy Opportunistic Urban Sensing PhD Bilgin Kosucu
Cem Ersoy Ambient Assisted Living PhD Gokhan Remzi Yavuz
Cem Ersoy Green Cellular Networking PhD Turgay Pamuklu
Fatih Alagoz Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks MS Ali Alici
Fatih Alagoz User Traffic Model For Cognitive Radio Networks MS Funda K. Cimilli
Fatih Alagoz Routing in Cognitive Radio Networks MS Nazli Gunduz
Fatih Alagoz An Efficient IP Security Architecture To The Multicast Systems Over GEO Satellites MS Seda Demirag
Fatih Alagoz A New Lane Detection Algorithm For Unmanned Vehicles MS Yasemin Timar
Fatih Alagoz Multimedia Wireless Networks PhD Gurkan Gur
Fikret Gurgen A Modular Approach For Credit Risk Analysis MS Gulnur Derelioglu
Fikret Gurgen Credit Risk Analysis Using Hidden Markov Models MS Hasan Tahsin Oguz
Fikret Gurgen Intelligent Arrythmia Classification PhD Okan Sakar
Haluk Bingol Community Detection in Complex Networks MS Selcuk Cemoglu
Haluk Bingol Emergence Of Language PhD Amac Herdagdelen
Haluk Bingol Complex Networks Models Using Local Information PhD Fatih Ogun
Lale Akarun Body Movement Analysis With Video Sensor Network MS Fatih Kizkun
Lale Akarun 3D Motion Synthesis By Learning From Motion Capture Data MS Koray Balci
Lale Akarun Facial Expression Synthesis Using Motion Capture Data MS Ozlem Cetin
Levent Akin Coordinating Arm And Body Movement Of A Mobile Robot For Door Opening MS Mehmet Murat Sevim
Levent Akin Development Of A Robot Actor With A Human Director MS Tugce Ayar
Levent Akin Development Of A Five Degrees Of Freedom Robot Arm And A Three Finger End Effector Capable Of Grasping Objects MS Unal Altinay
Levent Akin Learning Pick-And-Place Behaviors Using A Low-Cost Robotic Arm MS Yigit Yildirim
Levent Akin Transfer Learning By Subgoal Discovery in Partially Observable Dynamic Environments PhD Baris Gokce
Levent Akin Semi-Supervised Map Learning And Navigation in Dynamic Environments Through Human Robot Interaction PhD Ergin Ozkucur
Levent Akin Autonomous Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning PhD Ersin Basaran
M. Ufuk Caglayan Model Checking Of Software Design Specifications in UML PhD Albert Ozkohen
M. Ufuk Caglayan Formal Representation And Analysis Of Secure Routing in Ad Hoc Networks PhD Burak Gurdag
M. Ufuk Caglayan Security Verification Of Software Specifications in UML PhD Engin Deveci
M. Ufuk Caglayan Secure RFID Protocols PhD Mete Akgun
M. Ufuk Caglayan Cyber-Physical Systems And Energy Based Side Channel Attacks PhD Murat Cihan
M. Ufuk Caglayan Information Theory On Secrecy PhD Orhan Ermis
M. Ufuk Caglayan Fraud Modeling in Relation To Computer Security PhD Yigit Kultur
Oguz Tosun Design And Implementation Of Parallel Sequence Allignment Algorithms On Heterrogeneous Multicore Processors MS Mert Zeybekler
Oguz Tosun Enhancement Of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant Systems) Applications Via GPS And Digital Maps PhD A.Ufuk Peker
Oguz Tosun Locality Aware Scheduling On Hybrid Multicore Architectures PhD Fuat Geleri
Taflan Gundem Privacy Preserving Assosiaciation Rules On Graph Databases MS Emrah Guder
Taflan Gundem Security Measure For Outsouring Database Services MS Emre Moustafa
Taflan Gundem Indexing Xml For Graph Operations MS Mustafa Oztorun
Tuna Tugcu Qos Aware Routing in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks MS Atahan Kara
Tuna Tugcu Effective Resource Management Via Cell Breathing MS Fethi Kaval
Tuna Tugcu Spectrum Mobility in Cognitive Radio Networks MS N. Ozlem Ozcan

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