• Pre-evaluation is applied by the professors who are selected by each applicant. This phase is carried out by studying the application documents. If necessary, professor(s) may contact the applicant before finalizing the pre-evaluation process. Only selected applicants will be invited to the scientific interview.
  • The result of the pre-filtering is sent to each applicant a few days before the interview date. If an applicant is invited to the interview, then a detailed interview schedule is also sent.
  • For the selected candidates, at least two professors will conduct the scientific interview. These professors may be different than ones who appear in the survey.
  • The interview takes 10 minutes per professor at the office of the professor. Between two interviews, there is at least a period of 10 minutes so that the applicant can be ready at the next office at the specified time slot. Time interval between two interviews can be longer than 10 minutes due to scheduling constraints.
  • Each applicant is expected to appear in the interview. If a student cannot be physically present for the interview, then he/she may directly write to the professor and request a teleconference. Yet, the professor may or may not accept the teleconference request. If the request is not accepted, the applicant is assumed to be absent in the interview.
  • After the interviews are over, the applicant may want to revise the ordering of professors. In this case, the applicant should visit the department secretarial office and submit the new ordering before leaving the department.

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