SPECOM'19 Conference kicks off on August 21st at 9:00, with Hynek Hermansky's keynote

The SPECOM'19 Conference kicks off on August 21st at 9:00, with Hynek Hermansky's keynote, at the Albert Long Hall. Prof. Hermansky is the recipient of many honors, including the 2020
IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award. The abstract of the talk (open to all students and faculty) is below.

It is often argued that in in processing of sensory signals such as speech, engineering should apply knowledge of properties of human perception - both have the same goal of getting information from the signal. We show on examples from speech technology that perceptual research can also learn from advances in technology. After all, speech evolved to be heard and properties of hearing are imprinted on speech. Subsequently, engineering optimizations of speech technology often yield human-like processing strategies. Our current focus is on searching for support for our model of human speech communication which suggests that redundancies introduced in speech production in order to protect the message during its transmission through a realistic noisy acoustic environment are being used by human speech perception for a reliable decoding of the message. That leads to a particular architecture of an automatic recognition (ASR) system in which longer temporal segments of spectrally-smoothed temporal trajectories of spectral energies in individual frequency bands of speech are used to derive estimates of the posterior probabilities of speech sounds. Combinations of these estimates in reliable frequency bands are then adaptively fused to yield the final probability vectors, which best satisfy the adopted performance monitoring criteria. Some ASR systems, which already use elements of the suggested architecture are mentioned in this paper.

see: http://specom.nw.ru/keynotes/



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