CmpE 597 Deep Learning 2018 Spring


Course Schedule: 

MMM 456 BM A6 | BM A6 | BM A6

Course Program: 

Topics: Convolutional neural networks. autoencoders, their sparse, denoising variants, and their training. Regularization methods for preventing overfitting. Stacked autoencoders and end-to-end networks. Recurrent and recursive networks. Multimodal approaches. Deep architectures for vision, speech, natural language processing, and reinforcement learning.

Prerequisite: This is an advanced course on machine learning so you should have a good knowledge of the essential machine learning algorithms (Cmpe 544 and 545, or equivalent).


I Goodfellow, Y Bengio, A Courville (2016). Deep Learning, The MIT Press. (See and additional articles when necessary.


  • %40 Weekly quizzes and In-class presentation
  • %40 Project
  • %20 Final exam

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