CmpE 590 Sp.Tp. Machine Translation 2017 Spring


Course Schedule: 

TTT 678 BM B5 | BM B5 | BM B5


Course Program: 

Overview, History of MT, Basic concepts (Arnold, Chp.1; Koehn, Chp.1)
Basic definitions, Rule-based approaches, An MT scenario (Hutchins, Chp.1.2; Hutchins, Chp.4.1-4.3; Arnold, Chp.2)
Example translations (Direct, Transfer, Interlingua) (Hutchins, Chp.6.4-6.7)
Statistical MT
Word-based translation (Koehn, Chp.4)
IBM models (Koehn, Chp.4)
Phrase-based translation (Koehn, Chp.5)
Decoding (Koehn, Chp.6)
Language models (Koehn, Chp.7)
Example-based MT (Trujillo, Chp.8.1)
MT evaluation and quality (Trujillo, Chp.10; Arnold, Chp.9; Koehn, Chp.8)
Paper presentations

Reference Books: 

Text Books:    

  • An Introduction to Machine Translation, W.J.Hutchins, H.L.Somers, Academic Press, 1992
  • Translation Engines: Techniques for Machine Translation, A.Trujillo, Springer Verlag, 1999
  • Machine Translation: An Introductory Guide, D.Arnold, L.Balkan, S.Meijer, R.L.Humphreys, L.Sadler, Blackwell Pub., 2001
  • Statistical Machine Translation, P. Koehn, Cambridge Unv. Press, 2010

Reference Books:

  • Recent Advances in Example-Based Machine Translation, M.Carl, A.Way (eds.), Kluwer Academic Pub., 2003
  • New Statistical and Syntactic Models for Machine Translation, M.Khalilov, J.A.R.Fonollosa, VDM Pub., 2010
  • Learning Machine Translation, C.Goutte, N.Cancedda, M.Dymetman, G.Foster (eds.), MIT, 2009
  • Handbook of Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation, J.Olive, C.Christianson, J.McCary (eds.), Springer, 2011
  • Readings in Machine Translation, S.Nirenburg, H.Somers, Y.Wilks (eds.), MIT, 2003
  • Language Modeling For Machine Translation, M.Raab, VDM Verlag, 2007


Midterm % 25
Readings % 15
Application Project % 15
Research Project % 15
Final % 30


  • Several reading papers will be assigned during the course. A 3-4 pages long summary of each paper will be delivered on the week following the assignment.
  • An application project will be assigned.
  • A research project about an MT topic will be prepared. The project will be presented during the final lecture hours.
  • The midterm and final exams will be “closed books and notes”.
  • You can follow the announcements from the course web site.
  • You can obtain some of the course materials from the instructor.
  • Please read the section “graduate courses” in the web page General Information for Students. This page explains the course policy, the grading system, and information about the assignments and projects.

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