CmpE 482 Sp.Tp. Numerical Linear Algebra and Its Applications

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If you are interested in Machine learning, Data mining or Signal Processing, you shouldn't miss this course! One of the key challenge facing computer science in the 21st century is developing methods for the processing of large data sets. With the advance of sensor and storage technologies, and with the cost of data acquisition dropping significantly, we are able to monitor complex systems over time, easily collect and record vast amounts of raw data. The main challenge is to extract meaningful information from these highly structured datasets that can be of interest for scientific, financial, political or technological purposes. In this context, numerical linear algebra provides a set of basic methods that are useful for developing algorithms for a diverse spectrum of applications in data processing. At its heart, this field studies algorithms for performing linear algebra computations, most notably matrix operations. These elegant algorithms provide often fundamental solutions to engineering and computational problems, such as 1) Image and signal processing, 2)Information retrieval 3)Data mining,4) Machine learning,5) Bioinformatics 6) Optimization 7) Computational Finance and many related areas. Our goal in this course is to provide an overview of this important field, along with applications chosen from a broad range of topics related to data analysis.


(3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
Link Year Semester Course Page Instructor Course Schedule Lab Schedule PS Schedule
view 2021 Spring Ali Taylan Cemgil ThThTh 123
view 2017 Fall Ali Taylan Cemgil ThFF 423 BM B5 | BM B5 | BM B5
view 2017 Spring Course Page Ali Taylan Cemgil WThTh 623 BM B5 | BM B5 | BM B5
view 2016 Spring Course Page Ali Taylan Cemgil
view 2015 Spring Course Page Ali Taylan Cemgil WThTh634 ETA B3, ETA A2, ETA A2
view 2014 Spring Course Page Ali Taylan Cemgil WW67 Th3 ETA-A5,ETA-A5,ETA-A2

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