CmpE 446 Introduction to Computer Architecture

Catalog Description: 

Performance limits of Von Neumann architecture. Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) architecture. Pipelined processor design. Instruction pipeline and arithmetic pipelines. Array processors. Dynamic and static interconnection networks. Shared memory multiprocessor systems. Message passing multiprocessor systems.


(3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6


CmpE 322 and CmpE 344
Link Year Semester Course Page Instructor Course Schedule Lab Schedule PS Schedule
view 2019 Fall Oğuz Tosun TThTh 323 BM A3 | BM A5 | BM A5
view 2018 Fall Oğuz Tosun TThTh 323 BM A3 | BM A5 | BM A5
view 2017 Fall Oğuz Tosun TThTh 623 BM B5 | BM B5 | BM B5
view 2015 Spring Oğuz Tosun TTTh236 ETA A3, ETA A3, ETA A3
view 2013 Spring Oğuz Tosun
view 2013 Summer Oğuz Tosun
view 2012 Spring Oğuz Tosun
view 2012 Summer Oğuz Tosun
view 2011 Spring Oğuz Tosun
view 2011 Summer Oğuz Tosun
view 2010 Spring Course Page Oğuz Tosun
view 2010 Summer Oğuz Tosun

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