CmpE 210 Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming 2014 Summer


Course Schedule: 

MMTTWW 121212 BM A3 BM A3 BM A3 BM A3 BM A3 BM A3

Course Program: 

Prerequisites by topic

  1. Programming experience in C language.

 Tentative Topics:

  • C++ as a better C (notes will be provided)
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Data Design and Implementation
  • ADT's Unordered List and Sorted Lists
  • ADT's Stack and Queue
  • Linked Structures
  • Linked Structures Plus
  • Programming with Recursion
  • Binary (Search) Trees

 Note: These topics are orderly covered by the course textbook from Chapter 1 to Chapter 8-9 (included).

Computer usage

Computer projects and homeworks (4-5) are assigned covering topics above.

  1. Midterm 1  (July)
  2. Midterm 2 (August)
  3. Final (August)
  • Exact exam dates will be announced.


Nell Dale and David Teague, C++ Plus Data Structures, Fifth Edition, 2013.

Reference Books: 

  • How to program C++, Deitel & Deitel, recent edition.
  • Other Data Str. In C++ Texts (see instructor)


Midterm 1%22.5
Midterm 2%22.5


Important rules:

  • Attendence is required!
  • Projects have to be submitted on time for a passing grade!
  • Studying regularly is important!

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