Turkish Text Readability

Turkish Text Readability

Text readability refers to the problem of measuring the difficulty level in reading a text. In other words, we are interested in how easily a written text can be understood by readers. Text readability score can be used in several application areas including preparing text materials for different educational levels. In this project, you will design and implement a text readability system for Turkish text. You will make use of linguistic properties of texts and use deep learning-based approaches.

Some of the related papers in this task are listed below:

- Ahmet Yavuz Uluslu, Gerold Schneider, “Exploring Hybrid Linguistic Features for Turkish Text Readability”, arXiv:2306.03774v2, 2023

- Burak Bezirci, Asım Egemen Yılmaz, “Metinlerin Okunabilirliginin Olculmesi Uzerine Bir Yazilim Kutuphanesi ve Turkce icin Yeni bir Okunabilirlik Olcutu”, 2010


Project Advisor: 

Tunga Güngör

Project Status: 

Project Year: 

  • Spring

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