Transaction Gas Analysis in Ethereum Blockchain

Transaction Gas Analysis in Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum blockchain works on Gas. There are two main types of transactions possible in Ethereum, one is account to account and other is account to contract. In account to account transaction any type of asset can be transferred but for the functioning of the transaction gas needs to be payed in the form of ether to the miners. On the other hand, for the execution of the contract on Ethereum virtual machine again gas is required. The quantity of the gas needed for operations is already set in the Ethereum yellow paper but the price has been left open to market fluctuations based on demand and supply conditions. The gas price is set by the sender therefore if the price is too low then the miners will not pick the transaction and if the price is too high then it incurs economic loss to the sender. Therefore, it is pertinent to find the most optimal price for each transaction. Unfortunately, there are not may tools available to users to find this price and the ones available have not been critically analyzed until lately. This project tries to find a better approach for a solution



Project Members: 

Imran Siddiq

Project Advisor: 

Arda Yurdakul

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Project Year: 

  • Spring

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