RF Channel Measurement Model in Unreal Game Engine

RF Channel Measurement Model in Unreal Game Engine

Suggested Team Size: 2-3 students

Duration: 2 semesters


Project Description
The RF Channel Measurement Model in Unreal Game Engine project is aimed at seamlessly integrating real-world radio frequency (RF) channel measurements into the immersive virtual environment of the Unreal Engine. This project's core objective is to simulate the RF channel characteristics between a drone and its control unit using a model of USRP measurement device, offering a powerful simulation tool for detecting drone communication.

What We Have
Currenty we have a drone simulator that has a GUI for configuring drone path and measurement nodes’ locations. After the flight, the sampled location information of the drone is saved in a file, and RF measurement output should be generated by using location information file in an offline manner. 

Project Objectives
The primary objectives of the RF Channel Measurement Model in Unreal Game Engine project are as follows:

1. Unreal Engine Integration: Develop a plugin or module that seamlessly integrates with Unreal Engine, enabling the incorporation of RF channel measurements into the game environment.

2. USRP Device Model: Create a realistic virtual representation of the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) measurement device, accurately mimicking its functionality and capabilities within the game.

3. RF Channel Measurement: Implement algorithms and techniques to simulate RF channel measurements, including path loss, shadowing, multipath propagation, and fading, based on real-world RF propagation models.

4. Visualization Tools: Develop graphical tools within the game engine for visualizing RF channel measurements, signal strength, and signal-to-noise ratios for post-simulation analysis.

5. Data Recording and Storage: Create mechanisms for recording and storing RF channel measurement data generated during simulations, facilitating analysis and optimization.

6. Calibration and Validation (optional): Calibrate the virtual USRP device model against real-world USRP measurements to ensure accuracy and reliability in simulation results.

7. Scenario Configurability: Enable users to configure various scenarios, including terrain types, SNR level, and drone positions, to assess RF channel performance under different circumstances.

8. User Interface: Develop an intuitive user interface for configuring simulations, analyzing results, and customizing RF channel parameters.

9. Documentation and Training: Provide comprehensive documentation and training resources to facilitate the use and understanding of the RF channel measurement model within Unreal Engine.

The RF Channel Measurement Model in Unreal Game Engine project represents a groundbreaking fusion of real-world RF measurement technology and virtual simulation environments. By enabling drone developers and engineers to assess and optimize RF communication under various conditions, this project will contribute to the advancement of drone detection technology.



Project Advisor: 

H. Birkan Yılmaz

Project Status: 

Project Year: 

  • Spring

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