Open Source Blood Measurement Tool for Molecular Communication in MCN Testbed

Open Source Blood Measurement Tool for Molecular Communication in MCN Testbed

Suggested Team Size: 2-3 students

Project Description:
This project is an innovative endeavor that aims to create an accessible and versatile blood measurement device, similar to an oximeter, specifically designed for use within a Molecular Communication Network (MCN) testbed environment. This open-source tool will not only enable the measurement of vital blood parameters but also serve as a valuable addition to MCN research by providing real-time data on blood pressure and information molecule concentrations as signal outputs. Furthermore, the project incorporates 3D printing for manufacturing certain components and the development of advanced algorithms for accurate data estimation.

Project Objectives:
The primary objectives of the "Building Open Source Blood Measurement Tool for Molecular Communication in MCN Testbed" project are as follows:

1. Research on Existing Oximeters and Open-Source Projects: Conduct comprehensive research on existing oximeters, their features, algorithms, and open-source projects related to blood parameter measurement. This research will inform the design and functionality of the open-source blood measurement tool (e.g. ).

2. Device Design and 3D Printing: Develop a comprehensive design for the blood measurement tool, incorporating 3D printing technology to create cost-effective, customizable, and readily manufacturable components.

3. Blood Parameter Measurement: Design and integrate sensors capable of measuring essential blood parameters, including oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate, and blood pressure, to provide comprehensive health data.

4. Information Molecule Concentration Estimation: Develop advanced algorithms that leverage the measured data to estimate the concentration of specific information molecules within the bloodstream, allowing for real-time monitoring of molecular communication signals.

5. MCN Testbed Integration: Ensure seamless integration of the blood measurement tool into the existing Molecular Communication Network (MCN) testbed, allowing for direct data exchange and synchronization with other testbed components.

6. User Interface: Create a user-friendly interface for configuring and controlling the blood measurement tool, as well as visualizing and recording data in real-time.

7. Data Accuracy and Calibration: Implement calibration procedures to ensure the accuracy and reliability of blood parameter measurements and information molecule concentration estimates.

The "Building Open Source Blood Measurement Tool for Molecular Communication in MCN Testbed" project represents a significant step forward in molecular communication research by providing a versatile, open-source solution for real-time blood parameter measurement and information molecule concentration estimation. It empowers researchers and developers to explore innovative applications of MCN technology and promotes collaboration within the scientific community. Ultimately, this project has the potential to advance the field of molecular communication and its applications in healthcare and beyond.

Project Advisor: 

H. Birkan Yılmaz

Project Status: 

Project Year: 

  • Spring

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