AI Bots for Slither.IO

AI Bots for Slither.IO

The project will involve writing AI bots for the game. 

Reinforcement learning and deep reinforcement learning approaches can be implemented eventually, but the first attempts will be based on heuristics. 

The bot will learn in two modes:

-Self play: many instances of the bot will play the game with different parameters, and the parameters will be adjusted based on the success of the bot.

-Learning by demonstration: a human will play the bot, and the game will be stored to learn from it.

The project team will implement a stand-alone, simple graphics version of the Slither.IO game as a testbed, and allow multiple bots, running on different threads or machines, to connect to the created server.

The ultimate aim is to enable AI bots that can create meaningful patterns of strategy, without being explicitly described. For this, the project team will explore how the problem should be adequately represented, and how the learning will be guided.

Project Advisor: 

Albert Ali Salah

Project Status: 

Project Year: 

  • Fall

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