Server Room Temperature Monitoring System

Server Room Temperature Monitoring System

Suggested Team Size: 2 students


Berief Description:

Server rooms should be monitored continuously for smooth operation. The Server Room Monitoring System is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the efficiency, security, and reliability of server room operations within organizations. This system aims to provide real-time monitoring, alerting, and management of critical environmental factors that directly impact the performance and longevity of servers and networking equipment. 


Main Goal:

The primary objectives of the Server Room Monitoring System project are realtime environment monitoring, alerting, logging, and response actuating.


Required Tasks:

  • Real-time Environmental Monitoring: Develop a network of sensors and probes to monitor key environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity within the server room.
  • Remote Monitoring and Alerting: Implement a centralized monitoring platform that allows administrators to access real-time data and receive instant alerts via email and/or mobile app notifications in case of deviations from predefined thresholds.
  • Response Actuating: Implement a system for controling AC units via mimicking remote controllers
  • Data Logging and Analysis: Establish a robust data logging mechanism to record historical environmental data, enabling trend analysis, capacity planning, and troubleshooting.
  • Redundancy: Integrate redundant sensor systems to ensure uninterrupted monitoring even in the event of sensor malfunctions.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Create an intuitive and user-friendly web-based dashboard that displays live data, historical trends, and graphical representations of environmental conditions.
  • Security Measures: Implement robust security protocols to safeguard the system from unauthorized access
  • Documentation and Training: Provide comprehensive documentation and training resources for administrators to ensure effective system setup, configuration, and ongoing management.


Experience with Arduino or RaspberryPi boards is not a must but great to have.  




Project Advisor: 

H. Birkan Yılmaz

Project Status: 

Project Year: 

  • Spring

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